"In a world that constantly attempts to choose between extremes, my work reflects the idea that contradictions coexist harmoniously as one"

"My work is the result of a conversation between contradictions, different points of view, landscapes of the planet and landscapes of my thoughts. All the different angles become one piece, where the balance of the composition becomes the most important element.

Well defined lines, shapes, objects  and poured paint find ways to define space as we know it leaving the illusion of a solid reality behind”


Mariela Lechin is a Venezuelan-American artist captivated and moved by the science and nature of our Universe. Inspired by quantum physics principles, where the observer is who creates the illusion of that which he/she observes, her work attempts to break reality into pieces for the observer to truly create his/her own. Poured paint has been the process that's allowed her to depict the idea of a world made of a sea of energy in constant motion, only solid in an illusion we create with our thoughts. Each piece is the result of a multistep process in which structure and intuitive, but controlled paint pouring interact with each other until they’ve reached a balance in which the composition supersedes their individual importance.

Mariela began working as a metalsmith apprentice at Alexis de la Sierra’s studio in Las Mercedes, Caracas. Soon after, one of her pieces showed at the “Luces y Cruces” art exhibit (1991). In 1993, she moved to San Francisco, California where she continued her metalsmith work - both creating and selling - out of her home studio.

Mariela later moved to Florida where she formalized her art career by earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentration in Painting and minor in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University with mention “Magna cum Laude” all while working full time and raising her two daughters, Asha Luna and Aya Dosa.

Mariela has exhibited in the US, Europe, and South America, earning awards such as the‘’International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci” in Florence, Italy among others.